Breaking Barriers, Building Trust, Restoring Stability and Shaping Futures. 


With over 25% of Savannah living in poverty, and upwards of 50% living in poverty in some neighborhoods, students from those neighborhoods face challenges outside the classroom that can stand in the way of success inside the classroom. Communities In Schools (CIS) staff work inside our local schools full time, every day,  to remove those barriers by building one-on-one relationships that empower students to stay in school and succeed. Because we are in our schools all day, every day, we see the unique needs of each student and partner with teachers and the community to address them. Whether it’s clean clothes, help with school work, or emotional support to help a child cope with and recover from a traumatic event, we connect students with the relationships and resources they need to succeed. Unlike other programs that operate before or after school, CIS staff are in schools during the school day and we are currently the ONLY organization working FULL TIME  directly inside K-12 Savannah-Chatham County schools.

Communities in Schools of Savannah has recently launched our 2017-2018 #ALLINFORKIDS Campaign. To summarize a quote from James Baldwin, “These are ALL of our kids, we will either profit from their success or pay for their failure”. The #ALLINFORKIDS campaign adopts this philosophy by providing a way for everyone to engage at a level that is appropriate. For a community to be “ALL IN”, it first takes recognition that all kids are our kids. The 2017-2018 #ALLINFORKIDS campaign will allow us to expand our reach and grow our program, via fundraising, volunteerism, and networking with resources in our community.

Poor educational outcomes perpetuate the cycle of poverty and crime. With the increase in what are known as ‘high poverty’ schools, to break that cycle of poverty, our services are needed now more than ever. Communities In Schools empowers kids to meet their fullest potential by staying in school  – because we know that getting a child graduation is only the beginning.   Join us and you too can be #ALLINFORKIDS.