Communities In Schools of Savannah is part of the nation’s largest and most effective dropout prevention organization, empowering students to succeed in school and achieve in life. Since 1992, CIS of Savannah has been a vibrant and independent nonprofit organization governed by a local board of directors dedicated to surrounding public school students with a community of support.

What is unique about Communities In Schools is that we are present IN the schools. We are currently the ONLY organization working FULL TIME  directly inside K-12 Savannah-Chatham County schools to build relationships with students to empower them to stay in school and succeed. Unlike other programs that operate before or after school, our staff work inside schools during the school day. This gives us the opportunity to see what is going on in students lives and build trusting relationships that they can count on.

Our school-based staff work in partnership with teachers to identify and address challenges students face in school or at home. These may range from immediate needs, like food and clothing, to more complex needs like counseling and mentoring.

Savannah offers a number of resources for students, parents, and families. We are the only local agency coordinating these resources for students.  Communities in Schools works to bring outside resources – businesses, health care providers, and non-profits – inside schools to do whatever it takes to help students succeed. On top of that, we collect the data and report results. We are the nation’s leader in this arena. We measure success by the results we are able to achieve for the young people we serve. Our evidence-based approach adapted to meet our communities unique need, is the basis for our success.

CIS Model